Coutanseaux Ainé Cognac

We own the prestigious House of Cognac Coutanseaux Aine with which we are only creating Haute Couture.

All of its eaux-de-vie are coming from Grande Champagne and have between 50 to 100 years old or coming from Great vintages

Following the same spirit since 3 centuries, we elaborate exclusively exceptional bottles with one specific goal, which is to share history and high gastronomy moments.

Coutanseaux Aine only elaborates Hors d’Age cuvees (or very old vintages) that are the result of an ancestral “savoir-faire”. We only blend the best eaux-de-vie of Cognac that are at list 50 Years Old to 100 Years Old {some of our eaux-de-vie comes from 1916). Each bottles is different as each glass has been blown by a Master in Cognac in order to concentrate the best know-how of the region. The bottle come in a beautiful wooden box and its certificate so that the owner of Coutanseaux can be sure to have a very unique product for a very unique moment.

The enlightenment of Coutanseaux eaux-de-vie have been done through three centuries of Cognac history. Renowned by cognac experts, Coutanseaux Aine was power back in January 2014 when a flask dated of 1767 have been found and bought by the Wellesley hotel at 164.000 $. Coutanseaux began the most expensive cognac but also the rarest in the world.

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